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Installation Notes



February 18, 2013: Announcing Corelyzer 2.0!

Corelyzer 2.0 runs on nearly any Mac or PC desktop or laptop built in the last several years, and supports single or multiple monitors.

We encourage you to try out and use Corelyzer. Note that existing session files (*.cml) and archive files (*.car) work with the new version. However, loading them into v2.0 for the first time will be slow while a new image cache is created.

Major improvements since 1.4.0:

• Compatibility. Now runs on 32- or 64-bit operating systems: Mac OS 10.6 ("Snow Leopard") to 10.11 ("El Capitan"), or Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

• Streamlined, more flexible image loading. Given a list of image files, Corelyzer suggests a sorting and placement within new and/or existing tracks. Users can then customize this suggestion to their liking.

• Improved performance. Reduced image memory consumption by 50%. Increased image cache size to 768MB to reflect memory available on modern systems. Optimized rendering performance. More responsive and fluid with many section images loaded, and at high zoom levels.

• Right-click adjustments. The position and appearance of sections within a track can be adjusted in various ways: stacking (gaps between sections are removed), trimming (the visible region of sections can be clipped from the top or bottom, e.g. to remove imagery that includes a color card), and staggering (every other section is moved up so ends can be seen clearly).

• Improved graphing. Values can be excluded from plots. Graph properties can be defined and edited for multiple sections. A color selected for a given datatype will be used for all plots of that datatype. Graph customizations persist when closing and re-opening session files.

• Note that some features, such as annotations, remain relatively immature at present.

Corelyzer is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Installation Notes

Windows users:
To run Corelyzer 2.0, you'll need to install the Java7 runtime. Please download and install the latest Java Development Kit or Java Runtime Environment here.

If you see an error message saying "The program can't start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer" when you launch Corelyzer, you'll also need to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Runtime libraries. An installer can be downloaded here.

Macintosh OS X Users:
The latest version of the Java Runtime Environment should already be installed, courtesy of the Software Update utility.


Current Release Release date Description
Corelyzer Version 2.0.4 Up to date Corelyzer v2.0.4, Getting Started
Corelyzer source code Up to date Corelyzer source code on github.
Correlator 2.0.1 (Windows 64-bit)

Correlator 2.0.1 (Windows 32-bit)

Correlator 2.0.1 (Mac)
11/20/2014 Correlator 2.0.1, Getting Started
Correlator source code Up to date Correlator source code on GitHub
Corelyzer Sample Datasets Release Date Load the Core Archive file with the "File > Core Archive > Import..." menu item in Corelyzer
1218C core image and MST data (10MB) Oct 2013 Dataset courtesy of CoreWall partner, IODP Janus Web Database
GLAD4-HST03 (~70MB) Jan 2016 Dataset courtesy of CoreWall partner, LacCore Project


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