10.6. Client plugin in Corelyzer

In the client side, a client plugin is provided in Corelyzer software. To activate the client user interface, select "Collaborative Corelyzer" from the "Plugins" menu.

Figure 10.1. Activate client plugin

Activate client plugin

To connect to the session server, you can either select or type in the server name from the drop down menu on the top of the client plugin user interface and click on the "Connect" button. The interface then will prompt to ask for the user name and password for accessing the server.

Figure 10.2. Connect to session server

Connect to session server

After logging in, the user interface will display available split core and whole core section images and numerical datasets for plotting. To load the available images, click on the checkboxes in each section row. The client plugin will start downloading and loading the section images in the background and show in the main visualization canvas.

Figure 10.3. Main session client plugin user interface

Main session client plugin user interface