Chapter 9. Save and Load Sessions

You can save your current working session by selecting “Save Session As ...” under “File” menu. This function will save all the information that you loaded into the scene into a XML-based “CML” file. CML file schema description can be found in here.

This file doesn’t save all the images and dataset files with it, it keeps track of where all the related files are located. You can later load everything back by selecting “Open a Session File” under the same “File” menu.

The “cml” file is small, and if the resource you loaded into the scene are all downloaded from the Internet within Corelyzer, these resources’ URL will be kept and by passing just the “cml” file around, other people can load back the same session that you were working on.

But if the resources you loaded in your working session are all files in your local hard disk, and you want to pass the working session to your colleague? Please use the “Export…” and “Import…” functions under “Core Archive” menu in the "File" menu. The “Export…” function will pack all the resources along with a session “cml” file into a big compressed “Core ARchive”, a “.car” file. It will contain all the images, datasets, annotations and their attachments within. The other people can just use “Import…” to open it up and restore everything you were working on his/her screen.