8.2. Reviewing and editing existing annotations

After an annotation is created, it can be edited in the future. To edit an annotation, or review it, a user simply clicks on an annotation marker. The same dialog used when creating an annotation will display.

Currently, the comments will be attached into a discussion thread-like display in a freeform annotation. By clicking the tool buttons at the top of the editing area of annotation window, the user can do simple HTML formatting and insert images and attachment files with URLs or by selecting files from local hard disk.

Figure 8.4. Review and edit a freeform annotation

Review and edit a freeform annotation

Any time after the marker is created, the user can change to marker manipulation mode by clicking icon at the toolbox in the upper left screen. Next, select the marker icon and then by click-and-drag the green box to change the region of interest.

Figure 8.5. Modify annotation marker mode

Modify annotation marker mode

Figure 8.6. Modify region of interest and marker position

Modify region of interest and marker position

A screen capture video of these actions can be found in this link online (size: 14.0MB).