Chapter 6. Load and Plot Numerical Log Data

Table of Contents

6.1. Native Corelyzer XML Format Dataset Files
6.2. Use Quick Data Import
6.3. Use Custom Data Import
6.3.1. A step-by-step walkthrough example
6.4. Download from IODP-USIO logging database
6.5. Plot dataset graph

6.1. Native Corelyzer XML Format Dataset Files

Corelyzer loads data using the Corelyzer data XML schema (see appendix). A Corelyzer XML format datset file can contain multiple fields in a single file. Data files can be loaded at anytime during the execution of the program. To do so you will need to choose the menu item under "File -> Open Dataset Files" and a file selection dialog will appear. Corelyzer data files are in XML and properly have a .xml extension appended to them.

Once a data file is selected, the Corelyzer application will process the data and then update the Dataset and Fields list boxes (click on the "Local" label in "My Core Repository" to show the lists). If you load up multiple data files, you can click on a dataset to view what fields were retrieved from the data file.

A screen capture video of these actions can be found in this link online (size: 868KB).