5.5. Load FMS images from IODP-USIO logging database

The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, United States Implementing Organization provides the logging database accessing service described in the webpage. The service serves not only numerical data but also some Formation MicroScanner (FMS) represented in image form stored in GIF format.

To load FMS images from the IODP-USIO logging database, select the "IODP" meun item from the "File" menu and then select "Show IODP lists...". Then clicking on the "Logging DB" tab in the popup window as shown in the following figure.

Figure 5.16. Logging DB tab in IODP tables window

Logging DB tab in IODP tables window

Depending on where you're running Corelyzer, you can choose to access the on-ship version or the Internet version of the service. The on-ship version will use the service provider URL "http://loa.ship.iodp.tamu.edu/services/" and the Internet version will use the service provider URL "http://brg.ldeo.columbia.edu/". Once the service provider is selected, the available site and tool options will be downloaded and populated in the selectable combobox options. Or you can also type in interested site and tool and then click on the "Search" button to search for available data. The search result will be shown in the table rows below. You can use mouse to highlight multiple rows and click on the "Load selected data files" button to download and load the data/image files.

For FMS images, since the depth and length information is not directly available, Corelyzer will attempt to load these images by guessing from their file name. For example a FMS image file named "306-642E_p2_D_372_442.gif" will be parsed and implies that the FMS image will contain data from 372 to 442 meters. Corelyzer will use these two values to determine the depth and length of the interval of interest. Be aware that the FMS images are not cropped to the exact range, and there are white space form borders around the image, so the estimation may not be accurate. Image properties can be fine-tuned in the Properties dialog, opened by right-clicking a section image and choosing "Properties...".

A screen capture video of these actions can be found in this link online (size: 6MB in 1920x1200 resolution).