5.4. Load images using IODP-formatted section list

Click on the meun "File" -> "IODP" -> "Load section list" and select a section list file in format like example file (remote image files) and example file (local image files) will load and show the content of the list as shown in the following screen captures.

The section list file can be generated by any text editor or Excel. You will have to save the file as "tab-separated format". The file will need to include the following columns, in order:

"Image Source URL"

The "TopOffset" and "BottomOffset" columns are not currently used, so any placeholder value (e.g. 0.0) is acceptable.

Select the section(s) to be loaded, then click on the "Load selected section" button to begin downloading and loading section images into Corelyzer.

Figure 5.14. Select load section list in IODP menu

Select load section list in IODP menu

Figure 5.15. Select sections and load images

Select sections and load images