5.3. Load Images from CoreCast syndication feeds

Corelyzer supports core data list syndication (CoreCast) via Atom feeds. If you subscribed to feeds, they will be attached to the "Subscription" label in "My Core Repository".

5.3.1. Subscribe to CoreCast feeds

First, show the session/iCores window (if necessary) with the Show/Hide button in the Tool Palette. Then click on the plus icon to add a new feed.

Figure 5.7. Add a new feed

Add a new feed

If you know the feed's URL, enter the URL in the popup dialog. Otherwise, you can click on the "Browse" button to list available feeds.

Figure 5.8. Specify feed URL

Specify feed URL

Here the "Browse" button is clicked. Next click on the "Refresh" button to show available feeds.

Figure 5.9. Refresh available lists

Refresh available lists

Check the desired feeds, then click on "OK" to subscribe to them. These feeds will be added to the main session/iCores window. Selecting a feed under the "Subscription" label will display the list of core images in the feed. Clicking a core image entry will display a summary report of the image in the panel below.

Figure 5.10. Select to subscribe feeds

Select to subscribe feeds

5.3.2. Load core images from CoreCast feeds

Select one or more core images of interest and right-click to see available options.

Figure 5.11. Select core image entries and right-click

Select core image entries and right-click

Select "Load" to download and load selected core images into Corelyzer. Select or fill in the intended track name for the selected core images.

Figure 5.12. Specify a track to hold selected core images

Specify a track to hold selected core images

Clicking "OK" will start the download and load process. Click on the "Local" label at the left hand side to see if the selected sections are loaded.

Figure 5.13. Images loaded with iCores feeds

Images loaded with iCores feeds

A screen capture video of these actions can be found in this link online (size: 10MB).