5.2. Load Images from online services

Corelyzer includes a simple interface to retrieve high-resolution core section images from online services like the IODP's Janus database and LIMS service.

Currently, Corelyzer supports three online core image services: JANUS database with CHRONOS service, IODP LIMS on-shore database, and the IODP LIMS on-ship database. For two IODP LIMS services, the query web service protocol is used to retrieve core images' metadata. Corelyzer uses the CHRONOS web service's capabilities to access JANUS and retrieve the URLs to the images. Because IODP images are vertically oriented, Corelyzer will rotate the images 90 degrees counter-clockwise. This plugin accurately positions core sections by using the CHRONOS web service to access the curated length and top depth (mbsf) of each core section image.

The user interface has been designed in a stream-lined manner. To bring up the plugin select the menu item File->"Show IODP lists..."->"Image list from services" tab. In order to get an image listing and load selected images:

  1. Select which online service to use. Currently CHRONOS, on-shore LIMS and on-ship LIMS services are available.

  2. Enter an IODP site to search for (e.g. site number 1215)

  3. Click on the Search button. A listing of core section images should become available

  4. You can optionally input the depth range to filter the returned available image section in the result table. Depth range should be input as string like "0-20", meaning only image sections with top depth zero to twenty meters (mbsf). The default value 0.0 will list all image sections returned by the online service.

  5. Select the images to load

  6. Click on the "Load selected image files" button

  7. Image files will then be downloaded, processed, and displayed. A progress bar indicating the status will update during the process in the session/iCores window.

Each loaded image will be placed in the session and track named with the combination of "leg", "site", "hole" and "core" metadata information from the online core image server.

Figure 5.5. Online core image service query interface

Online core image service query interface

Figure 5.6. Online core image service query

Online core image service query

A screen capture video of these actions can be found in this link online (size: 1.6MB).