4.2. Session/iCores window

The main session/iCores window is used to manage sessions, tracks, section images, and datasets.

4.2.1. Menus

The menubar has "File", "Edit", "Share", "Plugins", "Lists", "Tools" and "Help" menus. Each menu option will be described in later chapters.

4.2.2. Local (status)

Clicking on the "Local" item in the "My Core Repository" panel will show the currently-loaded sessions, tracks, core sections, datafiles and the fields available in each dataset. Corelyzer can have multiple sessions, each containing multiple tracks, sections, and datafiles.

Figure 4.3. Session/iCores window

Session/iCores window

4.2.3. Subscriptions

Corelyzer supports core data list syndication (CoreCast) via Atom feeds. If you subscribed to feeds, they will be attached to the "Subscription" label in "My Core Repository". Clicking on the subscribed feed entry will show the core summary in the right hand panel as pictured below.

Figure 4.4. Session/iCores feed window

Session/iCores feed window