Appendix A. Appendix

Table of Contents

A.1. Why is the Image DPI Important?
A.2. Making Sure the DPI of an Image is Correct
A.3. Corelyzer Data XML Schema

A.1. Why is the Image DPI Important?

Corelyzer is a system that intends to bridge core imagery from multiple sources and scale as time moves on and resolution improves. To do this, the system scales all the images so that these varying resolution imagery can map to a space that will indicate what the dimensions of these images actually represent. In other words, so that an image of a 1.5-meter section appears to be 1.5 meters in length despite how high of a resolution image you take. Does this mean that getting higher resolution imagery is a bad idea? No, because you can always zoom in to see the finest detail available on the image. The higher the resolution the image is (i.e. the higher the DPI), then the more details that can be seen.